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We offer our investor 5 level referral programs, Our first level referral bonuses: Level A 1-50 3.00% Level B 51-150 4.00% Level C 151-250 5.00% Level D 251-400 7.50%Level E 401-and more 10.00% Our other levels referral bonuses : Level 2:1.00% Level 3: 0.50%

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Hash Earn LTD

We invite you to explore the outstanding features of Hash Earn LTD, the company that is widely known in professional circles of British traders on the Forex multicurrency market. The company stands out because of the vast experience and an incredible volume of knowledge in the field of financial trading and fundamental analysis. Since Sep 2017, Hash Earn LTD is officially registered and is entered in the Companies House listing. The company is involved in a highly profitable investment and trading operations and engaged in attracting private capital for the development and improvement of trading strategies in the financial markets, Forex basically. These strategies are widely used in practice for more than five years. Experienced team uses a sufficiently large number of trading instruments to achieve the maximum acceptable results. The main objective of our trade experts is to control risks and their decrease. That is why we choose the most secure instruments with low volatility to work steadily on the Forex market. The company makes every effort to control all its trade operations, our activity has mainly intraday character with simultaneous loading of each trading deposit for no more than 40%. This strategy enables our analysts to accurately predict the development of different markets and price charts movement to use our maximum potential for a guaranteed profit. To avoid the negative scenarios during the trading sessions, the company uses various elements of diversification: the presence of trading deposits with multiple financial brokers at the same time, the determination of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the use of a wide range of trading instruments of Forex market (currencies and precious metals).In addition, prior to each session company's traders make up a trading plan and always analyze all the possible outcomes and results. Thus, we achieve the desired profit and avoid possible financial losses. One of the features of Experienced-Team Limited is the formation of the department of market analysts, financial and risk management...

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